What Does It Mean To Live? [A presentation]

I had the privilege of sharing some thoughts at the just concluded Winning Mindset event, and the thoughts shared are ones I hold dearly to heart.
The main theme of my presentation was an attempt to answer a question too few people ever sit down to really ask and think about: What does it mean to live?
There are different quotes which suggest we “live” or live to our fullest potential, or enjoy our lives… however, very few times do we find clear cut pointer to the description of someone living.
I attempted to give an answer, an answer that is first mine, and then actually has proven studies to back it up.
I’ll quickly share for your personal consideration.
This is the most basic form of living… a continuous fight to not be counted among the dead, whether the threat to life is physical or by psychological framing.
For many, this encompasses the definition of living. So long as you’re not dead, you’re living. And that is accurate. But that is only a fragment of living. To live fully, you must rise above survival.
And to love is beyond the naturally occurring tendency to care for a special lover or family. To love here describes the willingness to let another human being on earth believe that there is a God in heaven.
If you can make another human actually believe that angels exist, and you do it with a pure heart, then you’re living.
This form of love takes deliberateness and selflessness. It’s not because the significant other person is family, or friend or someone who can repay, or bless you someday. To love is to give, and to give random acts of kindness.
A cause or a message is the singular attribute that makes us identify with a larger number of people, acting together to bring about a reality.
To live fully, you must identify with a movement or team that are set out to achieve a common goal.
Truth is, by default, we fall into communities, whether we pick or not. While some fall into productive teams (business or career or faith) others who DON’T choose often slip into Depression and Terrorist communities.
You have to be intentional about your cause, your message and what community and movement you are identified with…
Your life becomes fuller and richer when you are part of something bigger than you, doing something that changes the world for good.
The fullness of the earth is for the exploration of man: nature, creation (God and man-made) and people. Nothing exists that was not created for man’s sake… you just have to look deeper.
How then can you live, if you put a cap to experiences?
To live is to explore, to travel, to network, to try new places, to try new food, to try new meet new cultures. These experience don’t have to be expensive, they only have to be well thought of.
For most people, years go bye and every single thing they do is what they’ve done over and over and over again. This vicious cycle trap their capacity to empathize, to appreciate other people’s conditions and worldview.
Don’t get stuck in a cycle: That Strawberry you’ve never tasted, buy it. That boat ride you’ve never had, pay for it. That Shoprite you’ve never entered, go and enter. LOL. I know these are weak examples, but they matter too.
The thing with new experiences is that they often make you feel odd, or out of control, since you have no prior idea of the protocol around the experience. But how will you learn if you don’t try?
New experiences often give a surge of freshness in your earth walk… it rejuvenates the mind and sends it on pathways it never threaded… boosting your creativity.
and finally,
I strongly believe that the voice of God is the only PURE voice in the universe that seeks your best amongst the many voices speaking…
That moment when you’re about to lay down to bed, and there you hear your voice in your head, what other voice you want to hear than the one which say: well done faithful, you truly are doing well.
There’s a void in life that only God can fill… every attempt to fill that gap (the joy and peace gap) by any other means often leads to destructive habits and death inducing desires.
To live is to have God on your side… The Loving God.
And so I end my TED Talk with a quote:
“Life on earth is a temporal visit, do don’t hurry and don’t worry. And remember to smell the roses along the way”
-Walter Hagen.
Thank you for your audience.
Special thanks to sir Elisha Mamman and the The Winning Mindset team for the opportunity to share.
C’est fini.
Remember to live your best life always!
-Michael Audu.

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