The Unsaid Principles for Timeliness

Imagine if all you planned for to happen in the next five years happen on schedule…
Imagine if you’re planned to get married and start a family… and it arrived as planned…
Imagine if you planned to build a business to N50,000,000 in revenue yearly, and it arrived on on time…
Imagine if you set out to be the lead act in a Nollywood “blockbuster” or award winning movie, and you meet that goal on time…
Our greatest fear most times is not the unrealistic nature of our goals/dreams/desire… it is the fear that it may not arrive on TIME…
Think of this… truly, within this year you’ve spent over N100,000 at least (averagely speaking). So the issue is not getting N100,000… it is getting it on time, at the rate we need it.
There are two thought processes I’ll want to share on this: These are part of the second step of our five step methodology to High Performance.
The first: Compounding.
Compounding is one of the few ways to meet and reach our goals on time.
By default, the human mind cannot process compounding effect… we are designed with linear thinking.
Compounding simply talks about exponential growth…
2+2+2+2+2= 10 (Linear)
2x2x2x2x2= 32 (Exponential)
If you look through life, everything grows exponentially, until it matures. From the child in the womb, to the trees around.
So your life, and the things around you can grow exponentially, until they reach where your mind caps them.
But the watch word there is: CAN.
It is very difficult to set our minds into exponential growth mode, especially when were not aware of that possibility.
But if we can make the switch… the switch that tells us to double everything over and over again… then we can begin to move at a speed that will allow us meet our dreams.
No one’s dream can be met if they grow LINEARLY… Virtually impossible, especially in today’s world.
Imagine your dream life, then calculate how much you’ve moved towards it in the last one month, then, add how many months till you arrive at destination…
You’ll get depressed and discouraged… but thank God for compounding and exponential growth.
Second Concept: The faster you move, the slower the world becomes.
Have you thought of the reason why a fly is hard to catch? It’s because of their speed. They literally can predict your movement. In their eyes, you’re so slow that they can safely maneuver through your hand.
Have you noticed in monster movies, that the monsters appear slow… not because they are slow, but because relative to our human experience, we can maneuver way faster, hence the beasts appear slow.
So also in life, if you speed things up in your life, the world literally slows down. In one year, you can accomplish seemingly impossible things based on other people’s perspective.
Life moves at the rate of your decisions. If you decide faster, new possibilities are opened up faster. (not easier).
Now a fast life is risky… In one week, you can fail 100 times! 😀 Imagine the emotional madness! Also, if you slow down from a fast life, I mean a very fast life; like a plane, you’ll crash. YEP!
These are the unspoken requirement for a high performing life that you’ll hardly find around…
It’s not something you can pick up in one day and add to your virtue… it takes months to see the effect of compounding… and so many more months to gain such speed that will slow down the world…
Hence, I’m comfortable to know that you’re simply aware of these today, and would possibly attempt to rewire your mind to maximum expression within the limited (yet plenteous) time on earth.
Have a blissful week ahead!
PS: If you’d love to have a structured conversation with me on the long-term direction of your life, identifying where to focus your strength, hit me up in the About Section for the High Performers’ Clarity Program.
Image: The Adegbeyes | Living their best lives.

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