The mobile phone is one of the most dangerous tools ever invented.
It’s so powerful.
It’s so useful.
It’s so distracting.
It’s so productive.
It’s so addictive.
One moment you’re working, the next moment you’re scrolling aimlessly.
One moment you’re reading useful life-changing content, the next moment you’re laughing hysterically to the funniest joke ever told on earth!
One moment you are celebrating, the next moment you’re grieving!
Sometimes I tell myself “you’re about to touch your phone, and that’s dangerous, what exactly do you want to do”? Because just touching your mobile phone is a reminder to 100 things you can/will/should be doing!
Your mobile phone is a cue to your good habits as well as bad habits.
It helps you pray, and it helps you lazy around.
It helps you keep to time, and also while away time.
It helps you keep your records in notes, and also helps you spend on items you don’t need – shopping.
While you’re angry with your social media habits and want to throw the phone away, you remember all the good things you do with it!
While you want to delete WhatsApp because of the status feature that unconsciously takes 1-2hrs of your day, you remember you also need to use WhatsApp to reach certain people for work or business.
I soon realize that a mobile phone is like money.
It empowers you to do MORE of who you already are.
Your phone is not there to help you do well or destroy you.
It is there to MULTIPLY every part of you.
When I realized this…
I figure out the problem was not the mobile phone, or WhatsApp, or Facebook or any other thing I would call a terrible part of having a device.
The problem was me!
If I fixed me, and gain insight on how best to navigate the tendencies, all will be positive.
When I want to work, I hide my phone. Out of sight is out of mind.
When I get too much notification from any app, I open the settings and reduce it to key notifications or turn it off. WhatsApp is turned off. I already know I’ll check it, so why keep reminding me to? Lol.
When I’m getting too distracted for any reason (say a stressful period), I temporarily delete the distracting app for a break.
I’m in control.
I have no shame about it.
Me first.
And so should you be.
Don’t blame the phone. Don’t ignore the tendency of your phone to multiply habits you don’t want. Rather, take responsibility.
The mobile phone is dangerous. But masters wield it to their fortune! It can be your most powerful tool.
What are some habits you do with your phone to demonstrate control?

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