The cheetah and the gazelle!

I have two stories to tell, you’ll tell me the “sweetest” one.
A. During a hot pursuit, a gazelle skillfully escaped the jaws of a fierce cheetah… shocking but true. The cheetah is known to be the fastest land animal, speeding up to 100 km/h in 3 seconds! However, the gazelle is also swift animal, not as fast, but has a far longer running time before exhaustion.
Whatever the case, the gazelle in this story defied all the statistics and made an epic escape. It literally ran for it’s life and won! I don’t know about you, but that gazelle is an epitome of success. If you push hard, regardless of your limitations, you will win!
B. When you know that failure is not an option, you put in your best. But when you know you’ll die if you fail thrice, you’ll outperform even your best. A cheetah, though being the fastest animal is limited to three hunts at the speed of 100km/h before it dies if doesn’t make the catch. No wonder the cheetah takes it’s time to really prepare before a pursuit.
The story is told of a cheetah which had exhausted two of it’s recent pursuits on a deer. The cheetah on a hot afternoon in warm field of Africa made up it’s mind to go for a last hot pursuit. It spotted a gazelle, a swift animal as well. The cheetah engaged all the known principles of success in hunting: focus, determination, patience, timing to mention a few. The cheetah made it’s life saving kill, it took 4.5 seconds of pursuit and the gazelle was down. The cheetah lived to hunt another day!
When you’re highly celebrated, and you know you’re good, it may take limitations and lack of options to help you discover the need to do what we must do. This is a classical example of success leveraging limitations.
Which of the stories is “sweeter”?
The import of this post is very simple.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a gazelle, or whether you’re a cheetah…
It doesn’t matter if you’re Mary ‘s Chops Stop, or you’re McDonalds…
It doesn’t matter whether you’re Sissel‘s Stitches or D&G…
You’re on a class of your own… and you can write your own success story!
Tell your own story by the actions you take today!
Be remarkable!

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