I don’t improve my clients’ lives, I transform them. Often Radically.

Here’s my official bio – but there’s more “unofficial” stuff underneath:

Michael Audu is the founder of the High Performers Network, a community of young, vibrant and enterprising men and women who are committed to living their “best” lives.

As the “Leading Learner” in the High Performers Network (HPN), he’s tasked with the responsibility of inspiring, training, mentoring and partnering with community members in achieving High Performance in their lives and businesses/careers.

He’s also the Lead Consultant at OneThing Business Consult (OBC); which stands as the corporate entity (for HPN) delivering capacity development services to individuals, corporate bodies and institutions in the areas of Performance Improvement (staff/management), Corporate Productivity Enhancement and Systems Thinking.

He’s also currently an Architectural Designer with Fullmark Group (a multi sector engineering and agribusiness in Kano, Nigeria), where he works with the construction team to achieve daunting feats in design and construction.

Michael Audu has since published several compilations which have helped transform the thinking and lives of several young individuals in Nigeria and beyond; some of which includes: 100 Pages of Scrap on Success; Time; How to Change Your Life in 24 hours and hundreds of articles. He is also a contributor in the book titled “25 Important Things I Wish I Knew Before I Turned 25” by Emmanuel Ahmadu.

Love seats at the centre of his drive: the love for God and men. Michael is known for his unreserved gratitude, faithfulness and loyalty, integrity, and selflessness. These three concepts: Productivity, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, form the focal point of his professional endeavor.

Outside of work, Michael is an all-round fun loving person (though fun is subjective). He enjoys playing the guitar, and watching master guitarists perform wonders on the musical instrument. As a hobby, he loves to experiment ideas and try new things (even businesses). Though not a fan of favourites, yet Michael has a special weakness for “Dodo” (Fried Plantain).

Okay, that’s the official version.

On a more personal basis,

I indulge in far more interesting things…

I love to converse on economy, investment, business, and also coming up with ideas to solve real life issue…

I am 100% in for one-on-one over group sessions.

Some have considered me “mean”, but that’s a lie!

I love to travel and see new places.

I’ve never tasted alcohol – I find that funny.

I don’t consider my self “super hard-working” but there’s one thing I know, I’ll outlast anyone in anything I decide to do long-term.

Until we’ve conversed, I don’t believe you know me.