Make 2020 Your Most Productive Year Ever.

Questions are the seed for answers.

What specific questions are you asking whose answers can ultimately deliver your desired future?

My own question to you today is: what strategic step have you taken or are you about to take to make sure the next 13 months moves you in an intentional upward direction?

I’ve designed a product and strategy for myself and every high performer out there…


which is capable of helping you stay on track for the better part of next year.

Here’s how it works…

First, you’d get the 2020 High Performance Year Planner (a physical wall planner) shipped to you, anywhere in Nigeria…

Secondly, I’d deliver to you exact strategies on how to build powerful habits around it…

Thirdly, I’d send you a monthly follow-up email to guide you and remind you of your practices and your specific pursuits.

Why should you get on board?

Now, this isn’t for everyone… no.

It’s for you if you’ve always felt like the year disappeared, and you’ve done a lot, but missed out on key outcomes you desire…

This is for you if you believe in the concept of LONG-TERM. The belief that one cannot ultimately change things in a day or week, but often takes a coordinated long-term approach to change things for good, even trans-generational.

This is for you if you seek peace of mind, through carefully planning how you’ll live your best life daily, so that you’re sure that the fundamentals are in place, hence the outcome is 99% sure in the long-run.

And this is especially for you if you’re already conversant with accurate goal setting habits, and simply need an execution strategy/accountability system.

The monthly follow up continues for the 12 months in year 2020, and I’m already pumped up by the results we’re going to generate.

Would you want to be a part of this?

Sign up fee is N20,000.

However, I’m crashing the fee to N5,000 until 1st December.

I need more people winning and living their best lives…

If you’re up, kindly send me DM now…

To your good success.

Michael Audu
(Founder, High Performers Network​)

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