I’ve pondered on this topic for days now… and I’ve shared it with a couple of people…

I perceive it’s one of the most significant factors that will fasten or slow down one’s speed to the top!

and of course I know we all have our different pictures of “Top” and “Success” but whatever the case… this simple idea I want to share is the game changer… like literally!

Let’s jump in…

If you’re observant like me, you would have noticed that the people who service the rich/elite are not necessarily the most talented. Of course they are remarkably excellent, but they are not necessarily the best in the city.

Those who get the biggest contracts are not necessarily the most skilled in their field, whether construction or product supply, or anything else.

Those who are most celebrated, whether musicians or designers, are not necessarily the best if the criteria is to take a critical head-on assessment.


Why is this so?

Because in this life, opportunities are restricted and/or visible to only certain leagues. Some levels of reward, acknowledgement and celebration are restricted to certain leagues (circles).

I try to view these leagues like bubbles of possibilities.

When you’re in a bubble, let’s say middle class bubble, no matter how hard you press, there’s only how much you can be rewarded.

Stay with me…

In the same light, If you service the low class bubble, you’ll do the exact same work, with the exact same effort and experience and get far less paid and celebrated for it.

If you permit me, I’ll use architecture for example.

In architecture, your client “bubble” literally dictates how hard your life will be. As a designer, you can be super excellent, but if all your clients are in the 1 million Naira zone, your best reward will be N70,000 on the same design another client (100 million Naira zone) would have paid N1,000,000 for.

But since you’re not in the later client’s bubble, you’ll never see him.

Sadly, in that later client’s zone (N100,000,000), a novice, who’s just joining, no experience or expertise, will be receiving N400,000 as entry, far higher than the experienced guy’s N70,000.

You see the idea?

So no matter your trade, skill, business is; aside from becoming highly skilled and excellent,

You must deliberately look for means and methods to jump into higher bubbles! (Higher Circles)

Don’t drown yourself becoming the best, but rather alongside, invest time, energy and resource to change your realm of operation.

Strive to become a celebrity you!

There’s only one way I know so far to cross bubbles! RELATIONSHIPS!

If no one pulls you out, you’ll get to the peak of your bubble and remain your bubble champion.

That’s why there are the best mama-puts that never scale or serve governors, while some move to bigger circles to become the Mr Biggs and Tantalizers… and some move further higher to become the KFCs.

So what strategies are you putting in place to cross bubbles in your field, your art, your trade, and your living condition…?

How you are rewarded, acknowledged and celebrated today is not only a function of your skill… your entire network also matters!

Imagine how you would be celebrated if you were doing what you do as Dangote’s child or his close relative with full access!

Imagine how much celebration and the kind of reward you’ll accept for your skill and ability.

In all you do… desire to change your league to the higher league.

Compliment your ability with adequate Visibility to those that can discern your uniqueness, who will see you and reward you lavishly!

Sell to the rich!

Solve problems for the rich.

Be visible to the rich.

Target world-class, and everyone else will still pursue you!

Play bigger games!

– Michael Audu.

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