Where Most People Miss It In Investing.

If after reading this post you still fall for a ponzi “unknowingly” then you need deliverance.

A few months back I shared on why Investment platforms fail, I’ll add a link to that post in the comments.

Day by day, I still see people jumping and falling for both glaring Ponzis and masked Ponzis…

After careful analysis and practical involvement in running business in Nigeria, I can put it to you that ANY company offering you a return more than 3-4% per month is a PONZI.

The issue isn’t whether they can make profit margins higher than 3-4%, the real issue is overhead cost, unforeseen circumstances and GREED. When you cover for such, it becomes either impractical or completely unprofitable for the persons running the business to dish out consistently.

I’d like to address greed. I personally first vet the persons behind a business before vetting the business viability. This is because management is one of the biggest unpredictable risk.

I use an uncomfortable metric to assess whether a startup will collapse:

1. Is the founder rich or from a rich background? If Yes, good. if No, then no. 2.

2. Has there been any significant lifestyle change since inception of the startup? If Yes, BAD (80%) of the time. A business paying people out it’s profit will not give the founder any significant lifestyle change except it is a PONZI.

3. Does the company or business have access to PATIENT capital to fund fixed assets while it only uses high priced loans (money from investors) to fund operation? If Yes, Good. If No, we’re only waiting for a collapse. Fixed asset like Land, Machinery, Office/warehouse building, and so on do not produce a return. It’s the working capital that does. If you raise fixed asset capital as a high interest loan, you can NEVER meet up. Odd are like 1 in 1,000,000 chance.

This is why being already rich may be a good pointer.

4. Why is the company not raising money from Banks or even Corporate private lenders? If they are, then GOOD. If not, then a scam is at hand. Why will you borrow from me at 100% per annum (meaning you promise to give me 100% in one year or 8+% per month) when banks/lenders can give you at 30, 40, 60%? What are you hiding from them?

These are some of the non-technical metrics I simply look for. By doing this 99% of “opportunities” are already under the carpet!

But with all of these, we cannot now throw the baby and the bad water away. Invest we must! Because money is depreciating and devaluing on a daily basis.

Now, do you know that there are credible investment vehicles backed by the CBN and other regulators which can give you a decent return on your money?

Yes, the returns are not astronomical, but there’s much more peace! Why risk all your life saving to get 100% in 12 months, everyday, you’re praying it doesn’t go south! Meanwhile you can hit 15-30% in 12 months with CBN backing you!

The maths people don’t do is that, if you use a risky asset to grow it, and you don’t get bitten the first time, you’ll need to keep exposing yourself to same risk again and again until doom catches up with you.
While the more patient investor hits his number 15-30% and has peace to make more money in the period in between with his or her job/skill/business.

I value peace.

By now you may be asking which platforms are safe and sure:

I’ve put together a list of 10 Mobile Apps, trusted apps, that I use, that you can use to manage and grow your money, WITH PEACE.

and I’m offering to show you how to use each app in 3-5mins using simple English and real money demonstration…

You don’t have to be techy or anything. Just have a smart phone and you’re good!

With these apps and how I show you, you’re sure to begin investing with the safest, minimal risk, while being back by the real regulators.

All 10 Apps and guidance for N1k… and you’re set!

No more PONZI swallowing and explaining away you hard earned 50, 100, 500k just like that!

Pay here: https://paystack.com/pay/10apps

Follow this link to sign up: www.michaelaudu.com/10apps

This could be your smallest valuable investment towards 2022!

To you success!

Michael Audu.

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