In my last post, I talked about Nuclear physicist being USELESS within the context of his society simply because there was no institution that could leverage his value.
This particular scenario is becoming hugely popular in our society today.
The school curriculum generally make us useful to institutions and organised body of enterprise. However, due to a failed growth in the number of institutions and companies…
We now have a consistent production of institutional and corporate workforce far above the demand and spaces available.
Meanwhile, the society at lower levels of organisation, that is, the individual, family and small organisation level still has a huge demand for problem solvers.
You and I need to sit down and deconstruct whatever we know or have been taught or have gained some level of expertise in… into component parts.
Your diploma, degree, masters, Ph.D is like the motorcycle in the image…the head lamp can still be used for illumination regardless of whether it motorcycle is all coupled or not.
So what I mean is, we need to breakdown what we already know and repackage it as a solution to smaller levels of societal organisation.
Let me use Architecture… since I’m in that space. But I believe it applies to many fields.
So as a BSc. holder in Architecture… I’ve been taught over 50 different courses, focusing on different aspects of a building, the design process, the execution process and so much more..
Now architecture is a professional course… so it has some code of conduct guiding the practice… But notwithstanding… I’ll use it for an example.
If I choose to deconstruct my knowledge of architecture… There are hundreds of things I could repackage my “value” or advantage into, and offer it directly to individuals, families and small businesses.
I could decide to pick a very specific painful problem like wet walls, peeling paints. This issue is rampant! Many people have tried several ways to fix it, but that demon keeps coming. What if I master a solution there.
My advantage being a graduate architect is that you’ll give me the benefit of the doubt to try. And If I successfully do it for you… you’ll pay me and refer me.
I can go on to build a business out of that… it’s a niche, but it’s widespread problem and it’s painful.
By default, as a graduate architect, my compass should point me to the “labour market” where supply far surpasses demand. I could end up looking for a “job” in a large organisation or government… meanwhile, practical problems lie in wait within the scope of my expertise.
Now this applies to almost any discipline…
Because, I believe at the onset, the real reason for organizing knowledge into syllabus was to solve people’s problems… so it wasn’t solving anyone’s problem… then it shouldn’t qualify to be a course (Well, hehehehehe).
If you’re a chemical engineer… deconstruct…
If you’re a linguistics specialist… deconstruct…
If you’re an accountant… deconstruct…
If you’re an economist… deconstruct…
Try and see how you’re able to serve these five levels of societal organisations:
How can I serve Individuals?
How can I serve Families?
How can I serve Small groups/organisations/businesses?
How can I serve Bigger corporate bodies/institutions?
How can I serve Governments & Multinationals?
Start from the fabric… build upward.
Repackage your knowledge, expertise, certifications and ability in a way different levels of the society can perceive your usefulness.
If you solve a specific very painful problem, it would be hard for the receiver not to reward. If you do it extremely excellently (with mastery), you’ll attract better rewards over time.
Let me close like my mentor: I hope with my few words, I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that, the problem may not be your value, or your qualification… it’s just that those who need you can’t see you have because you’ve not packaged it so.
Thank you.

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